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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm not Lynn/Len/Lyn Tillman

For the past three months, I have come home to messages on my machine for "Lyn/Len/Lynn?? Tillman" asking that I call an 800 number. The agency calling hasn't been one I recognize and I don't pick up the phone at home when I don't know the person calling on Caller ID.

However, after two months of messages for this "Lyn Tillman" person, I picked up the phone about a month ago. In fact it was a collection agency. I said, "This is Dr. Linda Tillman. I am not Lynn Tillman and I don't owe you any money. Please quit calling me." The person on the other end apologized and said she would take my name off of the list.

About a month went by with no calls but about two weeks ago, the calls started up again. This Lyn/Len/Lynn Tillman must be in great debt to someone. Last night I answered the phone. The man on the other end asked for "Len Tillman."

I said, "I wish you would quit calling me. I am not the person you are looking for - my name is LINDA." He said, "Well, we have a birthday on this person of October 11, 1957." (I'm not sure of the exact date he said.)

I replied, "My birthday is __________ and I was not born in 1957."

"OK," he said, "I'm sorry and we will remove your name from this computer list."

I think it may have helped that I without pause said, "My birthday is __________." But I'm not sure I trust that I will not start getting calls again in about a month. I'm hoping my assertive statements helped and that the calls will stop.

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