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Monday, August 31, 2009

Pay Off for Assertiveness at COSTCO

I am a Costco member and one advantage of that membership is to be able to buy gas at lower prices. I was out of town in Maryland this weekend and had a rental car to drive from the Pittsburgh airport where I flew in to my daughter's home in western Maryland.

Driving back to Pittsburgh and getting gas in the rental car before you get to the airport is a challenge. The last 6 miles of the drive go through non-commercial territory with absolutely no obvious gas stations. I pulled off the highway about 8 miles from the airport at a shopping area and looked for a gas station.

The Mall at Robinson is where I exited. There are beautiful shops, eating facilities, and other mall specialties but no gas station. Then I noticed the Costco store. Like our Costco in Atlanta, it sells gas, so I drove down to the gas station area.

I paused just a few yards from the pump and pulled out my wallet. Oh, dear, I had left my Costco card at home in an effort to travel light. I saw a man who obviously worked maintaining the pumps. I drove up and rolled down the window of the rental car.
  • "I am a Costco member," I said, "but I'm traveling and I left my Costco card at home in Atlanta."
  • "No problem," he said, "Drive on up and we'll take care of you."
  • "Can you look me up on the system?" I asked.
  • "I believe you," he said.
  • "How are you going to pay for this?" he said as he flashed an all-purpose Costco card under the identifying card reader.
  • "Credit card," I said.
  • "We only take..."
  • "American Express, I know because I am a member and use my Amex card in Costco all the time."
  • "Of course," he said, smiled, and helped me finish getting gas for my car.
If I had not been assertive and spoken to him, I would not have gotten to buy gas there and might still be wandering around the Pittsburgh area looking for a gas station!

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