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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Office move and mail forwarding

I moved my professional office at the end of July. On July 19, I went to and filled out a change of address form. The USPS site happily says,

  • "Quick and Easy - Saves you a trip to the Post Office - takes less than 5 minutes
  • Safe and Secure - Verifies your identity - requires a $1 fee charged to your credit or debit card
  • Email Confirmation - Sends you an immediate email confirmation of your Change of Address

So I filled out the form on July 19 for my move date of July 27 and got a confirmation email.

My mail continued to go to the old office. I received no mail at the current office.

On July 31, in frustration I filled out another change of address form on the USPS page. Again I received the lovely confirmation email. However, it is August 9 and I still have received no forwarded mail and my old office reports that my mail is still regularly being delivered there.

Several days ago I called the USPS number to hear that usually your mail is not delivered when it is being forwarded until 10 business days after the move date.

{Made me imagine lots of inappropriately delivered mail all over the US for people who didn't know that they should tell the USPS a moving date 10 days earlier than the actual date to assure that they didn't miss any mail.}

Today is the requisite 10th business day after my move and my old office still is getting my mail and nothing has arrived via forward - including the notice by mail that the Post Office assures you in the confirmation email that they will send you by the 10th day.

I called my old zip code post office today and the first employee I talked to put me on hold until I had to hang up 7 minutes later to see a client in my office. At my next break I called again and spoke to Mr. Turner.

"I requested via Internet that my mail be forwarded beginning on July 27 and I haven't received any forwarded mail. In addition, my old address reports that I am receiving mail regularly there."

Mr. Turner put me on hold while he went to check on the situation. "Well," he said, returning to the phone after a 5 minute wait, "I can't see that your carrier has any notification that he is supposed to hold your mail for forwarding. I can't do anything about it until I can check the system to see what is holding this up."

"I need my mail," I said. "I get insurance checks in the mail for work I have done and I get bills and magazines that are important to me. I need this fixed right away."

Mr. Turner assured me that he would get it figured out and call me between 10 and 10:15 tomorrow morning.

We'll see if I were effective or not. Meanwhile I still have to go over to my old office tomorrow to pick up all of my unforwarded mail.

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